AI App Development
Welcome to our cutting-edge AI App Development Program, tailored for those who are eager to explore the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you're a tech enthusiast or simply curious about AI's potential, this comprehensive program offers a blend of interactive learning, personalized coaching, and real-world internship opportunities.
Rising Star Camp 20
A2C Camp 20: Elevate Your Leadership Journey Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with A2C's flagship program, Rising Star Camp 20. Led by C-level executive and public company board member, Dr. Elizabeth Xu, and her esteemed mentor of 30+ years, Ms. Pat Zimmerman. This interactive leadership coaching experience equips you with strategic insights and critical steps to ascend to the C-suite and boardroom.
Advanced Team Management
Advanced Team Management is an intensive 8-week course designed to elevate participants' leadership capabilities in strategic team management. Each week is dedicated to a crucial aspect of strategic leadership, providing practical insights and tools to empower participants in fostering high-performance teams and achieving organizational objectives.
Rising Star Leadership Training( Premium Camp)
Join A2C's Premium Coaching Camp, a comprehensive program encompassing the renowned Rising Star Camp 20 and exclusive Annual Career Club. As a participant, you'll benefit from two personalized 1-on-1 sessions with Elizabeth. Delve into discussions about career strategy, direction, crisis management, and receive expert guidance on your most pressing career-related questions. Elevate your career journey with A2C's Premium Coaching Camp and unlock the keys to sustained professional success.
Get the Top Performance Rating and Big Salary Raise
This program will help you understand the performance review strategy and best practices for you quickly improve your rating and get on the top performer list.
5 Strategies to get Into C-suite and Boardroom
If you have the burning desire to reach your fullest potential and make it to the C-suite sooner, this seminar is for you.