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Why should you donate to Be the Change Foundation?

Google, Apple, Adobe, VMWare, VISA, and hundreds of thousands of companies have selected Be the Change Foundation as a trusted non-profit organization that is dedicated to building a better community, helping young kids and working professionals to reach their fullest potential.

This year, Dr. Elizabeth Xu has committed to donating $100k of A2C Classes and Services. We will use these services to raise money to support

  1. Foundation’s technology development

  2. - a Student Entrepreneurship Project

  3. 2022 Marketing and Operation expenses 

Please donate and receive A2C classes and services as our appreciation gifts, the same practice as the NPR Public Radio and many other charitable organizations. 

All donation amounts below Include your company matching, You will receive the appreciation gifts according to the total donation amount.

3 Steps to make the donation:

  1. Make the donation either at website or your company donation site. Including company matching fund, we will sponsor you to attend

    1. $5000 and above: the 14 month mentorship program 

    2. $1500, we will give you a 12 month live Q&A and A2C membership

    3. $1200, we will give you a one person 12 month Q&A membership

  1. Take a screenshot of your donation confirmation email or screenshot

  2. Register your donation and select your gifts

Google registration form: if the last registration link doesn’t work, just copy and paste it to your browser.

Our special gifts are:

We will sponsor you to attend the A2C Live Interactive bootcamp if you donate


Within 5 business days, you will receive the following:

  1. Donation receipt from Be the Change Foundation

  2. Email Invitation from to attend the class and send you the live interactive session zoom links.

Thank you for your generosity and we look forward to working with you to discover and reach your full potential! 

If you have questions, please email: